About us

Promoting rural heritage.

Born in 2011 with the aim of promoting the tourism potential of Southern Italy, the Consorzio Turistico del Levante is strongly devoted to the reaction of growth opportunities for the inland areas are little known but unique in their kind.

Land of strong roots, the south of Italy, with the exception of a few locations known all over the world, often has difficulties to emerge and offer attractive packages.

But its traditions, its nature, its flavors, are peculiarities increasingly popular with tourists looking for authenticity and uniqueness, above all today, in an increasingly globalized world where different cultures, customs and habits become values ​​to preserve and rediscover.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the area in which we operate and the modern tourist phenomena, we develop initiatives strongly marked by the achievement of the objectives.

"direct promotion projects and initiatives which promote incoming tourism in the territories and in the localities consortium”

We work closely with the principal and Tourism Promotion Agencies and Regional South Italy entertaining relationships, contacts and frequent exchanges with the most important Italian and European institutions Fieristici.
Our members expect us concrete results and our philosophy is to accompany them in a process of continuous improvement that creates the "product" and that the face known and appreciated in Italy and in the World.
Participation in Trade Fairs and the organization of international events have formed in recent years, important steps in an ongoing effort to search for new ways of bringing the tourism product through the use of new technologies.

Our Successes

Food and Wine Tourism Exchange

Promotion of Italian food and wine tourism products

BTE is the only Italian event with B2B and food, the land, the plein air. It is the ideal showcase to give the right visibility for your company or destination, promoting the brand and increasing business opportunities in the market.

Rural Tourism Exchange

Promotes and enhances rural tourism in Southern Italy

The Rural Tourism Exchange (BTR) is the most important Italian Stock Exchange linked to rural tourism. Founded as a regional stock exchange to enhance rural tourism in Basilicata, already in 2013 he played a character regions.

Box Gift Mystery

Basilicata beautiful discovery

Nature, culture, sea, gastronomy, traditions, here is the proposed topics to give you the best experience in respect of quality and service that has always characterized the properties selected from Mystery Gift.

What Others Are Saying

This is the first time we participate in an event so well organized. The Stock Exchange of Food and Wine Tourism in Rimini has opened a world of opportunity, and for this we are very grateful to the Consorzio Turistico del Levante.

Francesco, Manufacturer Pecorino di Filiano

Accommodate buyers from all over the world and thus qualified to the Stock Exchange of Rural Tourism, and directly in our facilities, has allowed us to appreciate our places, our excellence and savor the flavors of our land. Just so you can get into the circuits and in tourist brochures that count.

Gianna, Holiday Farmhouse Practitioner