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The love for our land and our roots has prompted us to undertake a challenge to bring out our traditions, let her know and appreciate them all over the world. A difficult and exciting, made ​​of passion, pride, values​​.
A mission more than just a job, with the center of ambitious goals: the promotion of destinations of South Italian and visitor satisfaction. The culture of lies at the heart of our philosophy. The travelers, who, along difficult roads, reach our land, almost as a goal to reach, they are our most valuable asset and we do not want to remain disappointed.

Rural Tourism Exchange

Promotes and enhances the rural tourism in Southern Italy

The Rural Tourism Exchange (BTR) is the most important Italian Stock Exchange linked to rural tourism. Founded as a regional stock exchange to enhance rural tourism in Basilicata, already in 2013 he played a character regions.

Box Gift Mystery

Package Holiday Theme

Nature, culture, sea, gastronomy, traditions, here is the proposed topics to give you the best experience in respect of quality and service that has always characterized the properties selected from Mystery Gift.

Food and Wine Tourism Exchange

Promotion of Italian food and wine tourism product

BTE is the only Italian event with B2B and food, the land, the plein air. It ' the ideal showcase to give the right visibility for your company or destination, promoting the brand and increasing business opportunities in the market.

Southern Taste

Appointment with a enjoyable area of dense and tourism, gastronomic and cultural.

Our extraordinary tour departs from the enchanting Matera, a UNESCO world heritage site, and then skip to the Vulture, located in the north of Basilicata or Lucania.

Educational Tours

Direct experience with places and local excellence

Promotion and organization of tours and itineraries in order to allow the parties hosted familiarize yourself with the "destination", through direct experience and contact with partners and local actors.


the first show of the Mediterranean Dairy Products

The first edition of CaseusMed aims to promote the dissemination of excellence cheese produced in the Mediterranean areas of Europe. In these areas process the milk has become an art handed down through the centuries, who continues to give unique flavors.